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I’m opening up taxidermy studio and was looking for a school with a taxidermist who had the experience and the knowledge I needed to be successful. I attended Custom School of Taxidermy in Danielsville, Georgia. Tom King the instructor was awesome. His years of experience and knowledge in the field of taxidermy were much more than I ever expected. His one on one training is the best. He showed me the tools I needed and the techniques he used and he answered all my questions about the different methods of mounting up beautiful whitetail deer, Tanning with step by step instructions that you get at the end of the course.
I also took his fish mounting class and had a great time with Tom. His exceptional talent and knowledge he shares would take me years to learn. After taking his course I’m opening my business ready to go. Not only is Tom a good teacher but he and his wife Dianne are wonderful, Their Hospitality is the best, they treated me as family and I consider them awesome friends for a life time. Thanks again for everything. I’m hoping to return for classes this fall. May God’s richest be yours. Harlan Altman

Welcome to My Testimonial page.

This is one is from 2015

Harlan Altman 3
Harlan Altman 1
Harlan Altman 5
Harlan Altman 6
Harlan Altman 7
Harlan Altman 9
Harlan Altman 10
Harlan Altman 16
Harlan Altman 15
Harlan Altman 14
Harlan Altman 13
Harlan Altman 12
Harlan Altman 11
Harlan Altman 18
Harlan Altman 19
Harlan Altman 20
Harlan Altman 21
Harlan Altman 22
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Harlan Altman 27
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Harlan Altman 25
Harlan Altman 24
Harlan Altman 23
Harlan Altman 29
Harlan Altman
Harlan Altman 30_edited
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Harlan Bird Class 2015
Harlan Bird Class 2015
Harlan Bird Class 2015
Harlan Bird Class 2015
Harlan Bird Class 2015

Harlan Altman 2015

If I could give Tom King more than 5 stars I would. He is a very talented and highly qualified taxidermy instructor who not only imparts knowledge, but also promotes a genuine understanding of the principles and techniques of taxidermy. Tom's hands on approach to learning begins on day one and continues throughout the course of his training. In addition to teaching the necessary skill sets, Tom also introduces the student to actual, real life situations involving repairs to mistakes and improper field care by the customer. This approach prepares the new taxidermist for real world situations and how to ensure customer satisfaction. In addition to receiving Tom's course certification at the completion of the course, I also received a new friendship which will continue long after the completion of his instruction. Well done Tom and thanks for everything!! Paul Snapp

This is one is off Facebook January 25, 2017

Paul Snapp 3_edited
Paul Snapp 2_edited
Paul Snapp 5
Paul Snapp
Paul Snapp with Tom Deer mount

Paul Snapp 2017

Well where do I start? Tom is one of the best instructors/teachers I have ever met. I took his deer course back in September 2016 and I am now running my own full time taxidermy shop. Tom teaches everything you need to know and he's always a phone call away. I really enjoyed my time at Tom's place and he made me feel very welcomed while I was there for the weeks of class. We learned a lot, talked a lot and boy did we eat and cook a lot. Will return for future classes. Justin Coatney

This is one is off Facebook January 24, 2017

Justin Coatney 12_edited
Justin Coatney 13_edited
Justin Coatney 15_edited
Justin Coatney 16_edited
Justin Coatney 17_edited
Justin Coatney 20_edited
Justin Coatney 23
Justin Coatney 24
Justin Coatney
Justin Coatney 27_edited
Justin Coatney 25_edited
Justin Coatney 19_edited
Justin Coatney 22
Justin Coatney 21
Justin Coatney 18
Justin Coatney 14
Justin Coatney 11
Justin Coatney 10
Justin Coatney 9
Justin Coatney 8
Justin Coatney 2
Justin Coatney 4
Justin Coatney 7
Justin Coatney 6
Justin Coatney 3
Justin Coatney with Deer Mount_edited
Justin Coatney with Deer Mount_edited

Coriisa Took all the Classes and here is her Testimonial on Video.

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