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 just finished tom,s class in march , on whitetail shoulder mounts, enjoyed the class very much , learned as much in 3 weeks as a it would have taken me years other wise. mr. tom and diana are wonderful down home country folks , now i have a second home away from home . If you are looking for a person to teach you taxidermy the easy way look no further than tom king ... very satisfied client,.. micheal louthan .

class of 2012


I took Tom's deer class and enjoyed it very much. Tom and his wife were always very hospitable and Tom has a great since of humor. I learned alot with this class and it gave me the knowledge and the skills needed. Great teacher and a great class! He has patience with beginners and is a joy to be around and to top it off his work looks great.
jeremy stanley
satisfied student


I enjoyed Mr. Tom's class, he has exciptional talents and shares things that would have taken years to learn elsewhere. Ms. Diane and Tom are very hospitable and open their home for students as if they were family. I am different than most students because of physical disabilities I have with a spinal injury, but we were innovative in finding ways to work around and over comming these problems.Tom always adapted thing to help. I feel comfortable in my mounting performance,and am thankful to have learned enough to have the opportunity to pursue somthing I enjoy. Tom and Diane are people I can truly call friends. Great course!
John Bear
Wildwoods Taxidermy


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