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To Enroll in to one of My Classes:

Contact me and set up a date for your Class. Call Tom @ 706-789-3786

Classes are Private lessons set up on available dates unless it is a Pre-Scheduled Class. Click on the Calendar link below and You can choose Weeks that are not Filled.

Deer Mounting Classes are set up as follows.... 1st Week is 5 days from Monday to Friday. A week or longer (I need at least a week between sessions to get materials needed) from the 1st week is 7 days Monday to Sunday. 3rd Trip will be set up after the First two mounts are dried and is dependent on the weather...Some Students learn faster than others and may finish earlier than the allotted time.

Birds,Fish and Small Mammal Classes are set up from Monday to Saturday.

I will also set up classes to fit your schedule if possible...

I give Weekend and Evening Classes as well.

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