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Workshops are Priced by the day.

Workshops are classes for students that need or require additional instruction for specimens not included in the main classes.

The Workshops may require you have a prerequisite class. For example a Turkey workshop will require the Main Bird Class first.

In a workshop after the main class I will help with all the labor and keep the student on the innovative part of the mount and teach anything different from mounts covered in the main class.

Most of my students return for workshops with their customers mount

Here are some specimen examples that are done as workshops.
Turkeys (prerequisite for the bird course)
Trout and fish reproductions (prerequisite for the fish course)
Antelopes, mule deer, elk, moose and any other game heads other than the whitetail deer. (Prerequisite for the deer mounting course)
Life-size bear or life-size Whitetail (prerequisite for the deer mounting course and the small mammal course)
Workshop prices are based on a daily fee of $300 per day. The amount of days depend on the specimen to be mounted.

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